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What is this Blog?

These are insights and observations from living my life as a business owner – a product of running my own business while managing to stay sane.  It’s not easy.  The most enjoyable things about the business can also be the most challenging.  I succeed because of me, and I fail because of me – that’s a lot of pressure and stress!   As I maneuver through this dichotomy, I have gained insights and observations.  They often have other applications and may be useful to others, regardless of whether they own a business.  So, give it a read, and see if you find something of use!


Years ago, as I was struggling with whether to start a business, a friend of mine (who had then owned his business for about 15 years) advised that in establishing and running a business, I will have the opportunity to deal with my demons.  That was more than ten years ago.   For the last ten years, I have established and maintained a successful and profitable service based business.  And, during such time, as I have encountered difficulties, incidents, issues, and decisions, my friend’s advice, which I so easy dismissed at first, continues to surface.

Over the years, as I navigate through the running and growth of my business and the managing of the cash flow, the demands of clients, my relationship with employees, marketing of my services, ensuring pipeline of work, and handling of a number of day-to-day challenges, I have had to confront my own “angst” about life, money, personal worth, and my relationships with others.  I’ve also been fortunate to have the opportunity to observe the “angst” of others and the “do’s and “don’ts” in business relationships – and learn from them.  Through it all, some common themes have emerged – and I will be sharing them here.

About Me

I am a lawyer who has practiced for over 25 years.  I have practiced with major law firms and been in-house counsel at major corporations.   About ten years ago, I left the “security” of law firms and corporations, and went out on my own, seeking independence and freedom.  I come from the perspective that there is enough to go around and that each person should find his/her niche.  I would be the first to admit that I am not right for every client, and not every client is right for me.

The contents of my posts are my own views about life, business, human interactions, and internal processes that I have gained in the process of running my business.  It’s hard to grow a business without being more conscious about my own actions.  And, one of the most challenging  things I have learn to do is to monitor my reactions and shortcomings on an on-going basis – in a service industry, we still have to deliver the service – and we need to handle our own issues so they don’t get in the way.   In order for us to be successful, we need to be concerned with what is best for our client – a much harder proposition if we are focused on our own needs, at that moment.  The things I have learned have had universal applications in my role as a business owner, service provider, business colleague, friend, and spouse.  I hope you find them useful.

And, why Abby Normal, you ask?  Because we so often think of our approach as being so “normal” – yet, is it really?  They are normal to us because we see them through our own prism.  Often time, in fact, I am the “abnormal” one – as in being different from others.  This is not good or bad – it just is.  Yet, being aware that we may not be so “normal” in our approach will give us that ability to see things from a different perspective – which can be so valuable in our dealings with others.


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